BONNET For Service Centres

Meet BONNET, not just an app for everyday drivers but your ultimate tool for turbocharged customer retention! Keep the connection alive post-workshop, offering a nifty tool for them to manage their ride with style, all under your BONNET-branded profile.

Drivers just punch in their number plate, and voila! BONNET kicks it into gear, updating WOF, REGO, and RUCs straight outta NZTA! They even get to choose your service centre as their go-to pit stop.

Trusted to manage over 60,000 vehicles nationwide!

1 out of every 100 Kiwi cars is on BONNET, is your service centre onboard?

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Features to Boost Your Service Centre

Instant NZTA Updates

App profile branded to your service centre on BONNET – stand out from the crowd.

Add Service Notes to Customers App

Add service notes and attachments after each service – instantly show on your customers' app.

Manage Your Customers

Full access to your Bonnet CRM for ultimate customer management.

Bonnet for your Fleets

Keep your fleets happy by offering them BONNET's web portal to manage their vehicle due dates and servicing.

Promote Service Offers

Promote offers that send instant notifications to all your customers.

Send Notifications

Send instant notifications to your customers – stay top of mind!

Display Address, Hours & Contact info on your App Profile

Display contact, opening times and location info within your app profile.

Multiple Users for your CRM

Add multiple users to your CRM – because teamwork makes the dream work.

Customer Retention

Customer retention. Secure the future of your service centre by offering an indispensable vehicle management tool to your customers that keeps them on top of vehicle admin!

Email & Notification Service and WOF Reminders

Email and notification reminders for WOF, COF, RUC, and servicing – keep 'em rolling in.

Boost visibility with keywords in our Service Centre Search

Boost visibility with keywords in our service centre search – i.e ‘Auckland BMW’, ‘WOF Tauranga’ etc and see your service cetnre

Connect to your Current System

Link into your system for daily updates – no more double handling.

Manage Your Customers Via Our CRM

Manage all your customers via our easy to use CRM.

Instant Bookings

WOF or services booked? Link the user straight to your website booking form – quick and convenient.

Update Customer Service & WOF Dates

Seamlessly update service and WOF dates.

Trusted to manage over 60,000 vehicles nationwide!

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We used to struggle to keep on top of WOF’s, Rego’s, RUC’s in a spreadsheet. Having it in an app makes it easier to manage centrally.


Bonnet is perfect for running our company fleet. Knowing Bonnet get their information straight from NZTA means you have accurate dates and information for WOF/Regos/RUCs plus its automatic. You also get to add your Warranty and Service information, that way you have everything in one place.

Michaela – Interpine
Michaela - Interpine

Bonnet has been a game changer for us. I manage a few companies with vehicles spread throughout. So not having to do different logins or to keep updating a spreadsheet has been a game changer!

Claudia – Omega BOP
Claudia - Omega BOP

Bonnet makes it easier to keep track of my vehicles. Gone are the days of spreadsheets.


One of the hardest things for a classic car collector is keeping up with WOFs and Regos. I like to have all my cars registered , warranted and insured so I can go to the car shed and jump in any car and go. Before Bonnet I would head out in a car and look at the WOF sticker and use expletives. Thankyou Bonnet.

Dave Blyth – Webdesign
Dave Blyth - Webdesign

Bonnet is an absolute life saver when running a big fleet of vehicles. Their support contacts are impressive, and the functions that have been created are straight forward, easy to use, and an absolute miracle to have all the fleet managed in one space! Thanks Bonnet – Love your work!

Nicky – Tilyards Plumbing
Nicky - Tilyards Plumbing

I downloaded BONNET and realized my REGO was 35 days overdue! I was able to get everything sorted out before getting hit with a fine. Highly recommend giving it a shot!

Steve M
Steve M

Awesome idea. Been manually doing what this app does for so long, so was super excited to have an app do it for me now!

Lexie B
Lexie B


You pay OR your customers pay.

As a service centre, you have an opportunity to ensure that your use of BONNET remains free or that of your customers.

Option One: BONNET for free. Provide your customers with their first premium vehicle for free, thereafter they will pay $4 per vehicle*. The first vehicle remain’s FREE forever, ensuring widespread public access to BONNET at no cost.

Option two: Pay for BONNET at $6 per booking and $1 per vehicle assigned to your app profile per month. You’ll receive a unique promo code to give to your customers, making it free for them. This will attract more service customers, and you only pay for the work you get—win win!

So, which BONNET ride will you take for a spin? It’s your journey, your choice! 

Option One

Customers Pay


  • Unleash the full power of Bonnet without spending a dime!
  • Get a snazzy Bonnet app profile.
  • Dive deep into the CMS – no feature restrictions.
  • Just a heads up – your customers will start paying at their second vehicle $4/per vehicle.

Option two

You Pay

$6 / booking

Vehicle $1 / Month

  • Subscribe for $6 +GST per booking (we will send a list of user emails to verify each month) + $1 Per Vehicle P/M that is assigned your profile.
  • Receive a promo code for customers to add unlimited cars for free.
  • Attract new customers and service bookings to your profile.
  • Enjoy an all-access pass to BONNET CMS with no cost.
  • Use every feature in our toolbox.
  • Pay nothing if you don’t attract any users.
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