New App Features, Service Notes, RUC Control & Web Portal Beta!

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Hey, BONNET Fam!

Hold onto your steering wheels because the BONNET Web Portal just aced BETA with 35 fleet companies – and guess what? Our BONNET web portal is now strutting into public BETA! Get ahead of the pack – we’re on the lookout for 15 more Bonnet users to take it for a spin! To qualify, you’ve gotta be the boss of less than 5 vehicles.

Whether you’re a solo road ninja or the commander of your family’s fleet, we need YOUR feedback to fine-tune this bad boy before we unleash it on the entire NZ driving scene in just a few weeks.

All you have to do is fill out a survey for us with your feedback after using it for two weeks.. easy as! The best part? – The web app now lets you link your vehicles with fellow drivers, sharing all the juicy details, from odometer readings to service notes. Want in? Hit that reply button, drop us the email linked to your Bonnet account, and we’ll hook you up with access!

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Update Alert: πŸ“²πŸ†•
We just dropped a new version of our app! If you haven’t hit that update button yet, shimmy over to the app store and hit that update button! In this latest release, we’ve cooked up the features you’ve been craving.

πŸ”§ Service Notes!
Ever wished to effortlessly track your vehicle’s service history? Now you can! From fluid top-ups to that tiny chip in your windshield, capture it all with our new service notes feature. Bid farewell to the glove box book – we’re taking it digital!

πŸ› οΈ Service Notes from your service centre!
If you’re servicing with one of our premium service agents across NZ they can now add service info, what was done and what needs attention next time directly to your app. Talk about service with a smile!

β›½ RUC Management!
Diesel vehicle owner? Simply input your odometer reading under the RUC circle, and we’ll do the math on your remaining RUCs.

Electric vehicle owner? This is for you too, because starting April 1st, NZTA is bringing the RUC party to hybrids and EVs. 😎

🌟 A Fresh New Look!
We’ve given our app a makeover, and it’s better than ever!

πŸ“ New Service Centre Search!
No more navigating regions – just type the first three letters of your service centre, and voila! Your service centre still not on the app? Easy peasy. Click ‘Submit a Service Centre’ on your vehicle details page – it’s the big green button! πŸ’š

πŸŽ‰ Dec Numbers
We’re managing a whopping 54,000 vehicles now BONNET. Fun fact: 1 in every 100 vehicles in NZ is now managed with BONNET!

Web App Pre Release:
Not up for beta testing the web portal? No worries! Hit reply and type ‘Pre release,’ and we’ll ensure you’re at the front of the line for early access. Once it’s live, log in with your app credentials, and your trusty vehicles will be right there, just like on the app.

Your feedback is our melody! Share your thoughts – we’re all ears!

Happy motoring,

The Bonnet Team