BONNET For Fleet

Tired of wrestling with Excel spreadsheets to handle your fleet?

BONNET’s got your back, rev up your fleet management game! Jump into action with our web app or mobile app – just punch in your number plate, and voila! BONNET takes it from there, data straight outta NZTA!

Trusted to manage over 60,000 vehicles nationwide!
1 out of every 100 Kiwi cars is on BONNET, join us!?

More about our Fleet Features

Features for Fleet Management

Instant NZTA Updates

Simply pop in your number plate, and watch BONNET unleash instant NZTA data for WOF, COF, REGO, and RUCs!

Traffic Light Priority List

Your vehicles are reordered via our traffic light system – urgent vehicles shine at the top, making organization a breeze

Nickname Vehicles

Give your rides some personality with custom nicknames

Date or KM Based Servicing

Scheduled services that follow both kilometres and dates.

Use Bonnet on App or Desktop

Synced updates galore between the web portal and our slick app.

NZTA Batch Updates for WOF/COF/REGO/RUC

Bulk update all vehicle dates and RUC with a swift move from the NZTA.

Features Coming soon

- Annual Insurance policy reminders
- Tyre Rotation
- Heath and safety driver checklists
- driver licence expiry

View KMs Left on RUC Licensees'

Odometer readings for RUC vehicles, with automatic brainy calculations.

Connect Each Vehicle to It's Service Agent

Service centres onboard! They can add notes, invoices, and images – and all these gems show up on your web app and mobile app. Say goodbye to paper trails!

Service Notes & Attachments

Jot down service notes and attach files for each vehicle.

Link Vehicles Between Bonnet Profiles

Add all your employees and link them to specific vehicles – let them update their app on the go, and see the updates for RUC's, service notes and odometer unfold instantly on your profile.

Warranty Reminders

Never miss a warranty renewal with our handy reminders.

Multiple Dashboard Views

Enjoy multiple dashboard views optimised for just 5 vehicles, 50 or over 100.

NZ’s 3rd largest fleet management software

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What our fleet partners say

Bonnet is perfect for running our company fleet. Knowing Bonnet get their information straight from NZTA means you have accurate dates and information for WOF/Regos/RUCs plus its automatic. You also get to add your Warranty and Service information, that way you have everything in one place.

Michaela – Interpine
Michaela - Interpine

Bonnet has been a game changer for us. I manage a few companies with vehicles spread throughout. So not having to do different logins or to keep updating a spreadsheet has been a game changer!

Claudia – Omega BOP
Claudia - Omega BOP

Bonnet makes it easier to keep track of my vehicles. Gone are the days of spreadsheets.


This has made our business a lot more efficient with vehicle maintenance, the Bonnet web app is clean and easy to use and simplifies the need for excessive vehicle software with numerous features we would never require.

Nathan – Victor Contractors
Nathan - Victor Contractors

Bonnet is an awesome tool, vehicle management has been a struggle and this app has helped a lot!

Cory – Classic Flyers
Cory - Classic Flyers

One of the hardest things for a classic car collector is keeping up with WOFs and Regos. I like to have all my cars registered , warranted and insured so I can go to the car shed and jump in any car and go. Before Bonnet I would head out in a car and look at the WOF sticker and use expletives. Thankyou Bonnet.

Dave Blyth – Webdesign
Dave Blyth - Webdesign

Goodbye spreadsheets, Hello bonnet!

Gray Consulting Engineers
Gray Consulting Engineers

Bonnet is an absolute life saver when running a big fleet of vehicles. Their support contacts are impressive, and the functions that have been created are straight forward, easy to use, and an absolute miracle to have all the fleet managed in one space! Thanks Bonnet – Love your work!

Nicky – Tilyards Plumbing
Nicky - Tilyards Plumbing


Pricing That Packs a Punch

Use BONNET for free for your first two premium vehicles.



Vehicle $4 / Month*

  • Try BONNET Premium for your first two vehicles – absolutely free! Then, it’s just $4 per vehicle per month from the third vehicle.
  • Premium vehicles connect to the NZTA for updates.



  • Add a vehicle to BONNET for free, but they won’t connect to the NZTA for updates.

  • Perfect for seldom-used vehicles. You’ll be the update master!
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