Check Your RUC and Car Rego Online with Bonnet’s Ultimate Fleet Management Solution

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Are you tired of managing your fleet with outdated systems? Say goodbye to complex processes and spreadsheets. Welcome to Bonnet – New Zealand’s ultimate fleet management solution. Bonnet seamlessly integrates car registration NZ, car rego NZ, fleet checks, RUC online, and vehicle registration checks NZ into one efficient platform.

Why Bonnet is Your Ultimate Fleet Management Solution

Bonnet offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency for fleet management. With our intuitive app and desktop portal, managing your fleet has never been easier. Whether you’re an individual vehicle owner or a business managing a large fleet, Bonnet ensures your compliance needs are met effortlessly.

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Key Features:

Instant Checks: Get your car REGO NZ, WOF, COF and RUC details in just two seconds.

Reminders: Never miss a due date with our handy notification and email reminders.

Easy Access: Available on both desktop and mobile.

Service Agent Connection: Connect your vehicle with your preferred service agent for seamless bookings.

Simplify Car Registration NZ and Car Rego NZ

Managing car registration NZ and car rego NZ can be daunting, but with Bonnet, it’s a breeze. Our app provides accurate WOF, COF, REGO due dates, and RUC mileage straight from Waka Kotahi (NZTA). This means you can view your vehicle’s usage and stay on top of compliance without any hassle.

Comprehensive Fleet Check with Bonnet

Bonnet is designed to handle the complexities of fleet management. From individual vehicles to large business fleets, our app ensures you have a comprehensive fleet check at your fingertips. Our reminders and instant checks keep your fleet compliant and roadworthy, reducing the risk of fines and accidents.

Seamless RUC Online Management

Keep track of your Road User Charges (RUC) effortlessly with Bonnet’s seamless RUC online feature. Our app provides instant access to your RUC details, displaying how many RUCs you have left on the clock. With Bonnet, you can ensure you never exceed your Road User Charges, saving you time and keeping your vehicles compliant with NZTA regulations.

Vehicle Registration Check NZ Made Easy

Vehicle registration check NZ has never been easier. With Bonnet, you can perform instant vehicle registration checks, ensuring all your vehicles are up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements. This helps you avoid any legal issues and keeps your fleet running smoothly.

The Importance of Fleet Management

Did you know that over half of Kiwis don’t get their WOF done on time? This leads to unsafe roads and potential accidents. Bonnet addresses this issue by providing instant checks and lookups, ensuring your fleet stays compliant and roadworthy.

How Bonnet Helps:

Save Time: No more juggling spreadsheets, we save the average fleet 7 hours a month!
Save Money: Prevent fines and unexpected repairs.
Stay Safe: Ensure all vehicles are compliant and roadworthy.

Ready to Transform Your Fleet Management?

Sign up on our desktop portal or download the Bonnet app today and revolutionise the way you manage your fleet. With Bonnet, you can kiss those due date jitters goodbye – our reminders have got your back!

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Bonnet – because better compliance means safer roads for all!