Simplify Fleet Management and Compliance: How Our Software Makes Vehicle Registration Check NZ Easy

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Tired of wrestling with Excel spreadsheets to handle your fleet?

Say goodbye to the old-school methods and rev up your fleet management game with BONNET! Our state-of-the-art vehicle management and automotive workshop software are designed to take the hassle out of managing your fleet. Let’s dive into the exciting world of BONNET and see how it can revolutionise your car management system.

Fleet Spreadsheet? More Like Fleet Magic!

Gone are the days of sifting through endless rows and columns in Excel. With BONNET, all you need to do is punch in your number plate, and voila! Instantly get data straight from NZTA for WOF, COF, REGO, and RUCs. Our fleet vehicle check app transforms tedious data entry into a seamless, automated process. Trust us, your fleet will thank you!

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Car Management System That’s a Game Changer

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no small feat, but BONNET makes it look easy. Our fleet management software features include real-time NZTA updates, a traffic light priority list, and the ability to view KMs left on RUC licenses. Whether you’re overseeing a handful of vehicles or a massive fleet, BONNET’s car management system ensures you’re always in control.

Fleet Management Software Features That Wow

What sets BONNET apart? Let’s break down the key features that make our fleet management software indispensable:

Instant NZTA Updates

Simply enter your vehicle’s number plate, and watch BONNET work its magic. Get updates on WOF, COF, REGO, and RUCs directly from NZTA.

Traffic Light Priority List

Our intuitive traffic light system highlights urgent vehicles, so you always know which ones need immediate attention. No more guesswork, just efficient fleet management.

Odometer Readings and RUC Calculations

Track odometer readings for RUC vehicles with automatic, brainy calculations. Stay on top of your RUC licenses without breaking a sweat.

Invite Your Drivers

Invite each driver to use the app and share a vehicle from your profile to theirs. This allows for seamless sharing of all the vehicle’s information, making it easy to track RUCs, servicing logs and more.

Service Agent Integration

Connect each vehicle to its service agent. Service centres can add notes, invoices, and images, all of which show up on your web app and mobile app. Say goodbye to paper trails and hello to streamlined service management.

Fleet Maintenance Management Software for the Win

Maintenance is the heart of any fleet management system, and BONNET excels here too. Our fleet maintenance management software keeps track of all maintenance activities, ensuring your vehicles are always in top shape. With BONNET, you can schedule services, track maintenance history, and avoid costly downtimes.

Car Rego NZ Made Simple

Vehicle registration checks in New Zealand have never been easier. BONNET’s vehicle registration check NZ feature ensures you’re always up-to-date with the latest registration details. Avoid fines and keep your fleet compliant with just a few clicks.

Join the BONNET Revolution

Trusted to manage over 60,000 vehicles nationwide, BONNET is the go-to solution for fleet management in New Zealand. One out of every 100 Kiwi cars is on BONNET – isn’t it time you joined us too?

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Rev up your fleet management game with BONNET – because your fleet deserves the best. Try BONNET today and take the first step towards smarter, easier, and more efficient vehicle management!